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Hello 2014

Hello dear followers. Its been ages and I'm not even going to apologize anymore for the lack of activity. Its not been the first time there fell a gap of silence I guess. On the more positive note; I shall be active again from now on and I finally found my moment of creativity again!

I've been following a lot of South-Korean fashion trends recently and I was really thankful that I could find bits and pieces of these trends back into European fashion stores. The last couple of years trends are spreading faster and bigger, so you don't have to wait for over half a year anymore before Asian trends finally arrive in America and Europe. Which means; Less shipping your orders over the internet and more actual store shopping!

This is a photo that includes a few Korean trends:

You can see the waist-skirt and the over-sized and short top. I was a bit nervous about this trend at first and I didn't really believe it would suit me, but you don't know if you'll never try. To my surprise it fits me quite well and you don't have to be extremely in shape (body-wise) to fit into an outfit like this. Yes, I was concerned I was too plump for this, haha.

Earlier on this year I made an EXO inspired photoshoot, trying to re-create the look of their Overdose photos. Sadly I couldn't really find the exact outfit, because seriously... who wears their blouses in THAT way. Anyway, I had a lot of fun trying their Overdose make up look and you definitely should try it yourself. It is really dramatic, yet glamorous.

Hopefully you liked my small update so far. This week I have a lot of free days and my skin looks pretty okay as well. That could only mean one thing; Possible new Youtube videos and make up pictures! I'm really looking forward to show you all the make up, nail polish and skincare that I've bought recently. Please stay tuned! Thank you.



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USA UK Makeup vs. Asian Makeup

Hello. Welcome to USA/UK MAKE-UP vs. ASIAN MAKE-UP.

I've been looking forward to make a post about this subject. Because everyone knows there's a visible difference between the beauty standards of different continentals. This time I want to talk about USA/UK and ASIAN beauty standards. If you want a post about any other culture, just let me know, I might just research that as well. Before we start I like to announce that I will talk about my own experiences and my personal point of view on these beauty standards. I might have overlooked something or say something thats just fully my own interpretation. Okay, lets get started!


The latest ASIAN eye trends are:
- Highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes
- Eyeliner on the upper lash line instead of eyeliner on the eyelid
- Glitter eye shadows, specially golden or brown colors
- Minimal coat of mascara on both upper and lower lashes
  - Natural eyebrow with eyebrow mascara that is lighter than the hair color
- Keeping the eyebrows in one line instead of a curve 
- Extending the size of the eyes with the eyeliner or eyeshadow
- False lashes are most often applied on the bottom lashes  

The latest USA/UK eye trends are:
 - Cat like eyeliner, all the way into the inner corners of the eyes
- Natural eye shadows, aka nude eye shadows. No shimmer.
- As for the colored eyeshadow, pastel colors are the most popular
- The 'Smokey Eye' is one of the most popular eyeshadow styles
 - Huge lashes, several coats of mascara are build up, almost spider-like
- Curved and bold looking eyebrows, often a thin line
- The color of the eyebrows are often darker than the hair color
- False lashes are applied on the upper lashes


The latest ASIAN lip trends are:
 - Minimize the size of the lips by using concealer on the edges
- Using more than one layer of lip stain/stick
- They use pink lip colors to achieve a younger look
- They use orange lip colors to achieve a mature look
- Lip gloss is only used on the center of the lips
  - Highlighter on the cupids bow to make it look more shiny/healthy
- The inside of the lips should be more dark than the outside: Lip Point
- 3 different colors are used for one look 
- Using a lip pencil as a lipstick, to prevent fading of the Lip Point 

The latest USA/UK trends are:
  - Big lips, lots of volume by extending the lips with a lip liner on the edges
- Brown, beige and coral colors are the most popular, aka the nude lips
- The use of lip gloss on the entire lips, often extra shiny
- The lip gloss is often without any glitter elements or diamond effect
- 'Nude lips' are often very popular even without the use of lip gloss
- Shaping the cupids bow with lip liner or concealer into a V-shape   


The latest ASIAN skin trends are:
 - Pink blush at the center of the cheeks for a younger effect
- They only use bronzer on their hairlines to create a V-shape face
- V-shaped face is the most desired for women and men
- To make the nose look higher they use highlighter on the nose
- A dewy look with a lot of glow on the skin is very popular
- The pores of the skin are minimized with CC/BB cream instead of foundation
- Skin whitening, to make your skin bright and more shiny
- A small, dark line under the eye bags for a poofy effect, they find it cute

The latest USA/UK skin trends are:
- Bronzer, to contour the shape of the cheeks and face in general
- Just a small hint of blush, which has a peach or orange color
- Highlighter above the cheekbones to make the face look smaller
- A tanned skin color is popular in general, a sun-kissed look
 - Contouring with different colors of foundation or concealer
- Concealer is most often used underneath the eyes and around the lips/nose
- Bronzer with a hint of shimmer (2 in 1) is also very popular


So now we have pointed out the differences between two entirely different beauty standards. While the Asians want to look bright and youthful, the people of the USA/UK want to achieve a look that is more mature and tanned. What type of look do you favor? Did you change your mind after seeing the beauty standard of another culture? Please let me know in a comment below. Thanks a lot for reading along and I really hope you might have learned something new!